Silverdragon Hypnosis

experience the magic of your soul

Do you wonder about your life path and purpose?
Do you want to experience more love for yourself and others?
Själsstärkande Hypnos® is a new kind of dynamic and high-frequent spiritual hypnosis, 

that which emanates from your soul.
We work together to empower your soul, heal old traumas in this or past lives in order for you 

to reach your fully potential and happiness in life.
This might lead us to visit past lifes or the spirit realm, explore childhood memories 

or even go back to the womb or to future lifes. There is no limit.
This kind of hypnosis has helped many people around the world and transformed their lives into a happier and more conscious one with more self awarness. 

I also offer Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives transpersonal hypnotherapy .

Welcome aboard on a magic and exciting journey that may turn out to be the most important in your life.

Själsstärkande Hypnos ®

Själsstärkande Hypnos ® is a new kind of spiritual hypnosis that includes element from PLR, QHHT och LBL, but is less scripted and very client-oriented. It is intuitive and will guide the client in a soft way to the best kind of healing and development for each client. There are no limitations what we do during these sessions, travel through dimensions and meet magical beings, lost loved ones or our team from the spirit world. My sessions takes place on zoom or in person at my home in Ripsa, outside Nyköping, Sweden.

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About me

Helen Haxner

Master hypnotherapist

My name is Helen Haxner and I am 53 years old. I had searched for the meaning of life and my own spiritual path for a long time. I did my first past life regression more than 25 years ago and when I read Journey of souls by Dr Michael Newton years later, a lot of my questions got an answer. Since then I have read a lot in that area and done some research by my own. I had fought against the idea of becoming a practitioner for years but now I had to give up and listen to my spirit friends and guides that told me that everything I had done in my life until now had led to this and that this was my lifes purpose.
I am a MHt, certified transpersonal hypnotherapist through NATH, the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, which is the oldest and largest organization for transpersonal hypnotherapy in the United States. I am also a certified SEH and LBLt hypnotherapist and a SEH leader instructor.

Today I work most of the time with my own brand Själsstärkande Hypnos® which is a summary of all I have learned and experienced so far.
I have seen what this kind of hypnosis had meant for peoples development and personal growt, both as a client and a practitioner. I have no doubt that this is a great way to get to know your own soul, life purpose and talents. And opening up for more love and magic in life. I work intuitively in contact with the clients soul, spirit friends and team. Together we find the best way for you to heal, find joy and a better quality of life. The Zoomsession normally takes about 2,5 to 3 hours including pre- and posttalk. We agree on a time and then you can pay through Klarna via our store Hypnos - rock & stone ( Or Swish for persons residing in Sweden. II can also send you an Paypal invoice.
Residents in Sweden can also book a session on Bokadirekt Silverdragon Hypnosis - Bokadirekt The LBLt sessions takes about 3-4 hours, cost SEK 3200 and can only be booked if you have successfully done a past life regression before. I work with clients all over the world in English or Swedish. The sessions takes place at zoom or in person in my home in Ripsa, outside Nyköping, Sweden. If the energy on this site resonates with you, you are more than welcome to book a session or send me an email at or call me at 46-76-8759716. You can also send me a message on Instagram I am looking forward to hear from you.


Why spiritual hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, similar to when we meditate. We find ourself in that state every day when we daydream and just before we fall asleep. During hypnosis the body relaxes and we can focus on our mind and work with deprogramming and blocking in our subconcious. We get access to memories that are connected to our soul, past lives and life between lives. In Själsstärkande Hypnos ® (Soul Hypnosis) the soul get the opportunity to tell you what it needs and desires. You get in direct contact with your soul to find important keys to your life here and now, as well as explanations for connections to people around you. By studying life patterns in previous lives, we can gain knowledge about why these keeps coming back and the opportunity to break them in current life.

The difference with visiting a medium that tells you things versus experience them yourself is that you integrate it in a completely different way. It is truly an exciting journey where we can experience visual impressions, scents, tastes and events that our soul experienced when it was in other incarnations. When we get the explanation, it can help us process trauma, unhappy love, loss and phobias. The healing process begins during the session and continues afterwards. For many people, it has turned out to be a life changing and very important step towards development and change.
The fear of death ceases when we understand that our souls are imortal. We can find out why we react the way we do in certain situations, why we fear certain things and love others or why a strange place or person may feel so familiar. We get direct answers from the one who knows us best of all, ie our soul, how we best approach a happier life.
When is hypnosis not appropriate? A person with alcohol and drug abuse or mental illness should avoid hypnosis. I do not work with persons under the age of 18.
To know how you react to hypnosis it is recommended to do a meditation and visualization exercise before a session. Some people see, others hear or feel. Nothing is wrong. Most people have a good session regardless of wheather you are a beginner or not, but practice gives skill and it is possible to practice the ability to experience stronger and more clearly. The client is welcome to make requests about specialization and topics, but how and in what direction the session goes is difficult to say in advance. Each person has different needs and my experience is that everyone experience what they are meant to experience. Nothing is a coincidence and when we let go of the expectations, the result is usually fantastic and deeply transformative.

" Reaching our soul is the first step on the ladder of finding our higher power. ."